Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Subcanvas: Introducing Easels

Last night I started writing a real test for my Subcanvas graphics/events architecture: a trivial windowing system as the humble beginnings of a SiteBrowser [A SiteBrowser lets you browse "Sites" across the Internet, similar to navigating between Projects in Squeak]. The first problem I encountered was: from ordinary application code, how do I add a subcanvas? You aren't meant to hold references to canvases in your code, and the method to add a canvas is Canvas>>addCanvas. That would mean that you can only add a canvas from within an event handler. Oops. I needed to refactor the API to make it less brain-dead.

As a result, I introduce the Easel, an object which specifies the structure of Canvases and their children. An Easel is an object that your code should hold a reference to, and its API contains all the methods used to add, remove, move, resize, raise and lower subcanvases. I've also moved the canvas handler accessing methods to it, and added a method to cause a redraw event on a canvas.

I'll be updating http://gulik.pbwiki.com/Canvas soon.

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